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This is a conceptual platform for the expression of ideas and issues initiating discussion and action. The communiqué's are my perceptions, opinions and vision about contemporary issues/causes, people I admire & respect, and my goals for the future. My main focus is on the Chahta People by sharing our past to plan for the future today!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Are you Choctaw, then lets connect!

I have a blog at where I'll begin to publish articles relating to the Chahta people. There are more than 200,000 of us and I know it is a challenging task since not each of us use the computer, but I'd like to begin developing demographics as we go on, share articles and news with you about other Chahta's and the business of the Nation.

As a writer, I often have a different perception and if it is my opinion, I'll state so. If it is fact, then I'll provide you with a source, but I'll also share with you the opinions of others. As Choctaw and Native people, we all have a common bond with one another. I hold the belief that from the past we can begin to plan our future from today, and from where I sit, our future looks pretty good.

You can do two things to help me start, one is to send me an email with "Chahta" in the subject line, and subscribe to my blog so you will receive automatic updates. The email is to help me begin organizing a database of Chahta people from around the world. Eventually, I'll begin to break it down by states, registered voters, and ages. This will help to give us a picture of where we are and what we can do for one another. So whatever social network you are on, please feel free to share this and we'll see how fast we can grow over the coming weeks. I anticipate my first article will come after the council meeting in February so hurry and pass this around! Yakoke!

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