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Friday, January 27, 2012

"Confiscated Identities" Excerpt:Whisper n Thunder

‎"The audacity of these young Native men and women assuming militant and unyielding positions not only embarrassed and angered the federal government, but it shocked other Native people who felt that they were going to ruin everything they felt they had worked for. They were proud to be Americans and had no problem reciting the pledge of allegiance and saluting the flag. However, the traditional elders, Chiefs and spiritual leaders stood with them..." Read more of Ben Carnes' article in this issue of Whisper n Thunder by clicking on the link below. Hope you'll sign our Guest Book and look around the ezine while you're there..."

This is from an article I wrote for Whisper n Thunder sharing my thoughts on a subject that has divided Native people through the assimilation process. Read more at this link:

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